Everyone knows to go to the emergency room for most catastrophic injuries and sicknesses, but is it the best place to go for an eye care emergency? In most cases, it’s actually better to go to an eye care specialist. This is because general ER doctors are trained to stabilize your vital signs, stop bleeding, and handle other such life-sustaining basics. While this is important work, it isn’t focused on preserving your sight. An optometrist in Closter, on the other hand, will work with that specific goal in mind.

First Aid Do’s and Don’ts For Eye Injury:


  • Hold a cloth over the eye to prevent further damage
  • Bandage cuts around the eye
  • Flush with water to remove small pieces of debris
  • Put a cold compress on a black eye, but avoid adding pressure
  • Read and follow the label of anything sprayed in the eyes. Sometimes there are instructions for first aid in case of eye contact.


  • Remove embedded objects. Taking them out may cause the leakage of vital eye fluids
  • Flush the eye if there are cuts or punctures
  • Rub your eye
  • Attempt self-medication.

If your usual optometrist is open when you suffer your injury, you can almost surely get seen right away on an emergency basis. If they’re closed, you should go to an office that is currently open so that no further damage is done to the eye. In the case of there being no eye care clinics open at all, then go to the emergency room of your preferred hospital. The ER should be able to stabilize the injury so that it will be safe to wait for an eye care professional to complete the needed treatments. Getting the injury stabilized is especially important for large injuries such as those produced by debris that has been sent flying into your eye by a machine or other source of high force.

Once your eye doctor sees you, he will determine what is needed to best treat your injury. This will typically involve some form of immediate treatment. Large injuries may also require surgery. In these cases, the injury will be stabilized while arrangements are made with a surgeon specializing in eye treatment.

If you’ve suffered an eye injury, contact us here at Northern Valley Eye Care in Closter, NJ immediately at (201) 767-7988. We will advise you on what steps to take for your specific injury.